ShadowWood: a sci-fi/horror web series


Kisatchie National Forest: Central Louisiana. Present day.

Audrey Grant, a ranger with the U.S. Forest Service (acclaimed Louisiana artist Amy Woodruff),
enlightens visitors with information on the over 800,000 acres of managed wilderness.

Until her decades of understanding of the once-familiar forest begins to unravel, & she must
decipher disturbing things that are happening under her watch.


ShadowWood is a sci-fi/horror web series co-created by Amy Woodruff & Keith Nash that is currently in pre-production.

New Orleans' InFringe Theater Festival hosted a live performance by Woodruff in November 2018, This. Is NOT. A Test.,
which was a "teaser" of sorts for the ShadowWood series.

The first episodes of the ShadowWood series were written in 2019. Please check back here for updates!



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