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Moon Cove is a fictional ghost story from the Cajun Prairie of Louisiana about the non-fictional Acadiana ancestors of critically-acclaimed artist Amy Woodruff. It was created and performed by Woodruff using solo theatre performance, multimedia projection, and handmade objects and garments. Moon Cove weaves together live narrative storytelling, music, and the projection of visually-striking photography to tell an epic story of the heartbreak, tragedy, and resilience of a South Louisiana family.

upcoming performances ::

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past versions of the show ::

May 6, 2016, The Blue Moon Theatre of Metairie, Louisiana ::
a fifth draft of the full staging of Moon Cove in three performances in one school day (!) for the students and faculty of EJHS | East Jefferson High School campus

Apr 15-17, 2016, The Garret Theatre of New Orleans ::
a fifth draft of the full staging of Moon Cove as part of the first-ever InFringe Fest | 4210 Saint Claude Avenue | Fri-Sun at 9pm | tickets $7 |

Nov 3 & 5, 2013, The Shadowbox Theatre of New Orleans ::
a fourth draft of the full staging of Moon Cove as part of the first-ever SoloMania Fest | 2400 Saint Claude Avenue | Sun & Tues at 7pm | tickets $10 | 504.298.8676 |

Summer 2013, the gallery space at the Arts Council of New Orleans ::
Woodruff's photograph "Little Homestead," a still image from the Moon Cove media projection, was included in the international gallery show Cemeteryscape, an annual benefit for Save Our Cemeteries, Inc. |

Nov 30-Dec 1 & Dec 3-4, 2012, The Shadowbox Theatre of New Orleans ::
a third draft of the full staging of Moon Cove | 2400 Saint Claude Avenue | Fri-Sat at 11pm, Mon-Tue at 8pm | tickets $15 | 504.298.8676

Nov 1-Nov 2, 2012, Istre Cemetery at Mermentau Cove in Lower Acadia Parish, Louisiana ::
for 20 hours, Woodruff conducted a traditional vigil as a performance installation in the style of La Toussaint (All Saints/All Souls Day), & also as the culminating event for the "Toussaint-a-Thon" fundraiser | the cemetery is the resting place of Woodruff's father, grandparents, & great-grandparents, & is also a National Historic Register site

About the Toussaint-a-Thon ::
The fundraiser, in which donors submitted contributions via PayPal, was to generate monetary support & awareness for upcoming performances of
Moon Cove; 30% of contributions went to preservation efforts at Istre Cemetery, Inc.

About Woodruff's Vigil Installation ::
Two centerpieces in the artist's
Moon Cove story are La Toussaint traditions & Istre Cemetery, & the show spotlights the historic & cultural significance of Cajun life in rural Louisiana, as well as precious locations such as Istre. The cemetery is a National Historic Register site because it is the home to the only extant examples of Cajun wooden "grave houses." When such structures were common a century ago, Istre had around 40 of the houses; today, only three original ones remain.

Woodruff's vigil for La Toussaint artfully observed the traditional religious holiday, & proved to be a meaningful experiment in reverence, respect, & personal, intimate art. Her time during the event, in keeping with historical practices of mourning, consisted of candle lighting, prayer, storytelling & singing of hymns, & physical upkeep of her Thibodeaux & LeBlanc relatives' gravesites. The event was extensively documented using photography & high-definition video, & received considerable positive publicity in Southwest Louisiana. The time was a beautiful, joyous experience; huge thanks to those who've donated.

Mar 31, 2012, Byrdie's Cafe & Gallery of New Orleans ::
a ritual-style installation for SWANDay that became the inspiration for the La Toussaint vigil later in 2012 | 2422A Saint Claude Avenue | free admission

Jul 28, 2009, Goddard College of Plainfield, Vermont ::
a second draft of the full staging of Moon Cove | 123 Pitkin Road | Haybarn Theatre, 10:30am | free admission |

Aug 20-Sep 21, 2008, Voodoo Mystere Lounge of New Orleans ::
a nine-show run of the first full staging of Moon Cove | 718 North Rampart Street | Sats 9pm, Suns 7pm | tickets $10

Debut: Apr 19, 2008, Dramarama 15 at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana ::
a raw incarnation of the earliest version of Moon Cove | 900 Camp Street | Rehearsal Hall, 10:15pm | festival tickets $12

Pictured this page :: Amy Woodruff as The Narrator in Moon Cove,
and during her 20-hour vigil performance for La Toussaint.

Special thanks to those who appear as ancestor characters in this project's digital footage ::
Blake Buchert | Jason Giaccone | Melissa Prejean | Kresenda Raasch

some resources ::

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Broussard, Jeremy. Grave House Legends. Hidden Places Series: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010. This full-color book was published to accompany brothers Zach & Jeremy Broussard's film Little Houses, a Louisiana-made 2009 documentary about Istre Cemetery's historic & cultural significance for Acadiana.

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