The Our Lady of Sorrows Project was a visual art and performance installation collaboratively created by Goddard College MFA-IA students Malley Weber and Amy Woodruff. The project addressed issues of grief, loss, and mourning using archetypes that are feminine and universal. Specifically, these issues consist of the traumatic death of family, lost loves, divorce, the trauma of natural disaster, and the illness of depressive disorder. Archetypes used in the project include the Tarot, early 19th century mourning traditions, and incarnations of the Catholic Mary and her Voudou counterpart Ezili Freda. Other themes include: tears and weeping as aspects of the water element and symbols of rain, rebirth, and fertility; and clay as earth, digging, unearthing, revealing and exposing of underlying pain and grief, and building and rebuilding, and the transformation of entities. The spectators were invited to enter the space of the visual art and performers (who appeared as living works of visual art).

Malley Weber is a clay artist and performer based in Maine, and Amy Woodruff is a performer, fabric artist/costumer, and media projection artist from Louisiana. All these forms will be woven together in this intermedia project. Amy and Malley are February 2011 graduates of the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program at Goddard College (and were also roommates at Kilpatrick Dorm, woot-woot).

Past performances ::

October 16-17, 2009, Harlow Gallery :: Hallowell, Maine (
160 Water Street | 7pm | free

Debut: July 26, 2009, Goddard College :: Plainfield, Vermont (
123 Pitkin Road | Manor Lounge, 8:30pm | free

Pictured above: Amy Woodruff as The Mourning Lady, and Malley Weber as The Bride during the Maine
performances of the "Our Lady of Sorrows Project." [photo credit: Alex Theberge for the
Hallowell Post]


Links of Interest ::

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Pictured above: one of Malley Weber's
clay sculptures for the "Our Lady of Sorrows Project."

Pictured above: Amy Woodruff as The Mourning Lady, and Malley Weber as The Bride in the "Our Lady of Sorrows Project."







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