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I am a Louisiana experimental performing artist and a visual designer. My projects fuse realism, postmodernist performance, and visual design into integrated multi-layered artworks. My material includes original work, and existing literature I adapt for performance: traditional western writings and ancient epic tragedy.

I came to art through visual art and classical music very young, before experiencing theatre. I approach performance from the sensory perspective of a landscape painter or musical performer, so my pieces lean toward visual design, symphonic composition and the abstraction of poetic structure. Working not only in traditional theatre, I explore mixed-media, and my practice includes experimental performance and designs: handmade garments, performers' objects, photography and digital projection. Results encompass performances, videos, video integrated with 3D installations, and performance installations.

The content of my practice is humanity's extremes: violence, war, fear, endurance, resilience, sexuality, body issues, psychiatry and mental illness, culture and geography, ghosts, death, and mourning. Physical and chromatic elements of performance are as important to me as the textual or vocal. I enjoy juxtaposing the intimate with the epic, and toying with tools such as strategic spatial relationships, physical contact, and performers' stillness. I deconstruct the content of my projects during creation, to distill humankind's most primal experiences.

~amy woodruff



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